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We’re All in This Together

“There are no sides, only people.”

In such moments of hostility, ignorance, and fear,

We all must be Catholic.

Before you stop reading, I’m not necessarily saying we backtrack into the sometimes strange behaviors and tenets of our papist progenitors,  but neither am I saying we persist in the sometimes strange behaviors and tenets of present Protestantism:

I would assert that we have to accept the reality that the majority of the actualities within any single unit of these forces (that is, the factions within) are not only alike, but wholly true:

That is, Jesus.

Jesus is the focus. Not tongues, not trinitarianism, not predestination, not prosperity, not Calvinism, not perfectionism, not cessationism; none of those “isms,” just “Jesusism.”

We have to stop acting like a schoolyard two year old, taking our toys and leaving, and start acting like adults who can disagree and not monger fear, ignorant disrespect, and self righteous infighting;

For only the sake of example,


And here,

Or here.

These kind of direct personal attacks are absolutely unbiblical, ineffective, uncaring, and motivating absolutely by pride and insecurity.

The people in this attitude of God hating are not completely at fault within themselves; they have been raised and seeped in a culture of Christianity that says its okay to hate something you disagree with, its okay to spread hell where you don’t think heaven is, that we should be afraid and angry at anything we don’t understand, instead of going to them, like Jesus told us to.

Ultimately, we don’t have time to proclaim God’s name and act like Satan.

“In times like these” it is abundantly clear that we must be catholic; “katholikos,” the universal church.

The only way to attain unity within the world, and with the world, is by becoming unity within the church:

There is a grand unity, intimacy, singularity, of God that I believe much of past and present generations have been blinded to seeing from fear and pride.

God is, and so we must be too:

God is not divergent, He is not divided from Himself; He agrees in perfect harmony with Himself.

So we must converge; perhaps it is time to stop looking for reasons to divide, and start looking for reasons to stand together.

We are not effected victims of our disagreements.

We are not governed by our emotions or arrogance.

We are Christians, for God’s sake, by Christ’s expense, not mere mortals.

In mathematics, an infinite divergent series has no sum; it equates to no knowable quantity. An infinite convergence produces a result; it matters, it has an effect. In the same way, a divided church is no church at all; it is an oxymoron (morons make bad evangelists). Disunity is not from God, unity is from God, one is life, one is death.

There is no in between; there is only zero, and one; nothing, and everything. Jesus is everything.

But in a way, zero doesn’t truly exist; it doesn’t amount to anything, just as Satan has lost; he amounts to nothing in the end, like a shadow.

God formed and sustains everything that exists, everything within that “one,” everything outside of God is dead; wages of sin, separation from God, is death—because to step into sin is to step where life is absent, where there is no life giver.

He is the giver of all life.

This is why Christianity seems so simple on so many levels, I’ve heard it boiled down so many ways,

“It’s just about Love.”
“It’s just about Jesus.”
“It’s just about intimacy.”
“It’s just about receiving love from the Father and giving it out.”
“It’s just about knowing your purpose.”
“It’s just about becoming reborn.”
“It’s just about your identity,”
“It’s just about worship.”

But how could it be that the entirety of Christianity could be all of this at once?

Because it’s all the same; love is Jesus, Jesus is life, life is receiving love from God, receiving love is being reborn, being reborn is knowing your identity, knowing your identity is knowing your purpose, knowing your purpose is being in intimacy, being in intimacy is worship; God is.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love.”

But I hope you are unblinded enough to see that now is the time to realize we don’t have the right to denominational lines, self seeking, church splits, or apathy.

We don’t need better programs, “better theology,” or the government to legislate what Christians are supposed to be doing,

We need Jesus. We need the infinite and singular force of Love.

There are no denominations.

There is no disunity.

They are a myth; they do not exist in God.

Not in God there is dissension, not in God there is pettiness, not in God there is fear; that comes from following self.

And as I’ve said, we cannot afford self.

If indeed we are in God, we are wholly in communion with Him, ourselves, and each other.

We need to stop following each others tails as long as are walking in the same direction, and start all walking in the same direction, the direction of that one thing we all agree on, that one thing that literally makes us who we are;

Jesus Christ.

There is no unity apart from Him, and so we will never attain unity with theology, with compromise, or with any other super-ordinate goal; not persecution, not a “better denomination,” and not a great leader:

The great leader came two thousand years ago, and we have our marching orders.

I don’t know what actions I, or anyone else is to take to remind the people of God of their unity, but I know the change starts in me, and it ends with Jesus.

The world is hungry for unity, groaning and starving for peace,

Now is the time the body of Christ will choose to follow the heart of God, or turn to look back to Sodom;

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

So follow Love, not self.

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